Interesting in developing an effective marketing plan to gain market share or simply interesting in a marketing promotions campaign to launch & promote a new product?

CATPAD MARKETING has the expertise and resources to help you plan, execute and manage all elements of an effective media campaign:

  • Consultative advice to help you decide which type of media best suits your marketing objectives.
  • Media planning expertise to research, negotiate best pricing and coverage and effectively implement your marketing promotions campaign.
  • Design expertise to create high impact marketing materials.
  • Development of customer focused newsletters.
  • Feedback reports to help you measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

How can I increase sales leads & enhance brand awareness ?

CATPAD MARKETING offers a range of public relations services to help you increase generation of sales leads and enhance brand awareness including:

  • Planning & coordination of Press Releases (PR) and /or technical articles - PR and article writing
  • Research to identify additional target publications for your PR and articles.
  • Distribution of PR to target publications.
  • Acting as a focal point for all media questions to free up your staff.
  • Production of an inclusions report to highlight your campaign successes.

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