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Hints & Tips from February 2012


New Year’s resolutions

As we move ahead in 2012, it's always a good time think about things we can do differently, better and smarter in the new year. As Ben Franklin said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results.” But too often marketers become creatures of habit, just turning over the same media plan and changing the year to 2012...

Catpad's projects
in January 2012

- New visual support

Events management
- Photonics West 2012
- HeliExpo HAI 2012

Public Relations
- HTML & PR design & press

- Joomla versions upgrades

How to promote your booth even before a trade show displays go up

Having great trade show displays is just one part of a successful trade show marketing campaign. The most effective booths are planned and marketed long before the actual event. Learning how to organize that marketing is easy and has a big impact on your success.

Boost Your Rankings with SEO

Boost your ranking on search engines with accurate, clear and relevant content. For the Newbie, 'SEO' Search Engine Optimization advertising is an online advertising model whereby the advertiser creates pages to be indexed by search engines. Then, Search Engine Submission is the next step to ensure your pages are indexed by the search engines.

Keep your brand consistent

Building a strong brand rests on consistency. A consistent brand gets noticed. This recognition brings prospective new business. This is important with B2B brands, because B2B customers often want to recognise a company, have confidence in it and feel they know it before paying for a service.

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